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Haya Fatima Iqbal

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Haya Fatima Iqbal is an Academy and two-time Emmy winning documentary filmmaker from Pakistan. Haya has covered a range of subjects through her documentary work, ranging from gender, militancy and conflict to climate change, water scarcity and social justice. Read more

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Tazeen Bari

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Tazeen Bari is a documentary director, producer and cinematographer based in Pakistan. Her documentary films include Letters From Death Row — acquired by Al Jazeera for Witness — Vote For X, Qandeel — released by Guardian documentaries — and Matkay Pay Thappa: An Election Story. Read more

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Fahad Naveed

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Fahad Naveed is a Pakistani journalist, researcher, visual artist and filmmaker whose work explores identity politics, borders and narrative-building. He runs an interdisciplinary artist collective called ‘Mandarjazail Collective’, and is currently co-editing a forthcoming cross-border publication titled Separation’s Geography. Read more

Anam Abbas

Anam Abbas

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Anam Abbas is a Pakistan-based Pakistani/Canadian filmmaker. Showgirls of Pakistan, her first feature as a producer and DOP, premiered at IDFA 2020 and was released by VICE. Her feature directorial debut Dagh Dagh Ujala premiered at the Sheffield International Doc Festival. Read more

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Risham Waseem

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Risham Waseem is a digital content creator, documentary filmmaker and human rights activist based in Lahore. She is the director of Maati TV, Pakistan’s first web TV dedicated towards creating content on civic education, human rights and cultural diversity. Read more

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Zehra Naqvi

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Zehra Naqvi is a freelance film editor and content creator. Her post production credits include I am Hazara, A Girl in the River, Songs of Lahore, Armed with Faith, Vote for X and How She Moves. Read more

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